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All of our products are carefully hand crafted using pure beeswax and honey, from our own bees.



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We enjoy the opportunity to share with you our 100% natural products. All of our products are carefully hand crafted using pure beeswax and honey from our own bees.

If you have a specific need that requires extra attention or you have a special problem such as scent sensitivity, we will provide alternative ingredients to enable you to use our exceptional products. We are happy to accommodate you in any way we can. Just let us know how we can help.

Here’s hoping you enjoy our natural products. Please feel free to call us anytime with your questions and/or comments at 508-864-2538.

Hebert Honey
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Our Products


Our minimally processed honey Contains Royal Jelly, propolis and other important enzymes and anti-oxidants found only in natural, local honey!

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen. It will build your immune system, make you immune to air borne pollen issues and give you an energy boost.

Gardener’s Cream

The healing power of Honey, lavender, calendula and vitamin E combine to make this a very powerful healing cream.

Castile Soap

Long Lasting 100% natural olive oil and beeswax soap that contains no added scent.

Nose ‘n Toes

This Natural Cream helps to heal nicks, cracks and small cuts. Dry skin as a result of hot spots and hair loss.

Beeswax Cream

This cream has been produced, with some variations, by beekeepers for hundreds of years.


Chap-eeZ was developed for bringing relief to red, rough, dry skin.

Lip Balm

The inclusion of honey and beeswax used in the preparation of this lip balm gives it a natural SPF 15 rating.

Beeswax Blocks

Try beeswax to solve many household chores kitchen draws stick? Windows not sliding easily? Thread keeps breaking? Fisherman who wants to have his line float? Beeswax is the fix!