Gardener’s Cream

Gardener’s Healing Cream

Do you have Cracked-Red-Rough, hands, knees, elbows, and feet? Do you work in or have your hands in water or harsh chemicals? We have developed Gardener’s Hand cream for you!

A 100% natural hand cream that uses high grade sweet almond oil to moisturize the skin and work in harmony with beeswax to cover the area with a healing layer of natural materials that helps to promote skin cell growth from within. Calendula tea, coconut oil and vitamin E oil combine to boost the healing power of this versatile cream. You can use this product anywhere on or in your body where the skin needs help. Areas with rough, cracked or irritated skin that needs to be rejuvenated will benefit almost immediately. A small amount of lavender essential oil is added to give this unique hand and body cream a wonderfully pleasant scent.

The healing power of Honey, lavender, calendula and vitamin E combine to make this a very powerful healing cream.

Gardeners Healing Cream

2 oz Jar – $7.50
(Plus shipping and handling)

4 oz Jar – $12.50
(Plus shipping and handling)

2 oz Squeezable Tube with Flip Cap – $7.50
(Plus shipping and handling)

10 oz Jar – $25.00
(Plus shipping and handling)